Custom Product News & Tips Vol 36
March 24, 2012
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Did you know that Suntime/Linkswalker can offer you customized product packaging with only a minimal one-time set up fee? What other company do you know that offers this phenomenal marketing advantage? And, LinksWalker hasn’t raised their graphic set up fees since they slashed them more than 47% in 2009!

For more information about the custom packaging or other custom products, call us at 1-800-659-2824 ext. 8248 and talk with our sales representatives today!

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Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner - The Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner integrates portability with practicality. It boasts a unique, lightweight design that keeps the microfiber inner lining moist while the waterproof outer lining remains dry. Moisture and dirt are kept locked inside using a strong magnetic seal. The Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner also comes with a removable domed ball marker that highlights your logo or event.

PAD Printed Golf Balls - Very few companies offer 5 color printing on golf balls, but LinksWalker is one of them. LinksWalker also offers 18 different colors in golf balls as well, which can be custom printed in 5 colors.

Golf Ball One Pack - Our One Ball Gift Pack is perfect for sales call gifts, customer loyalty programs and (naturally) golf tournaments. Each pack includes one imprinted Top Flite or premium generic golf ball and one Cloisonne or Domed ball marker in your choice of 9 colors.

3 Ball Gift Pack - Three printed golf balls, four wood tees and one of our golf accessories with printed ball marker.

Crosshairs Divot Tool - The middle section is the same diameter as a golf ball. By placing the spherical portion of the divot tool on top of a golf ball, it can be utilized to draw lines on the golf ball. This improves putting and driving alignment. The top handle portion has a magnetic front that securely holds a removable ball marker. The top part can be used as a club grip prop to keep club grips from getting wet.

Super Ball Marker - Challenge Coin features two removable, die-struck customizable metal ball markers that are held onto the coin with our patented heavy-duty magnet. The coins sport a colored outer ring and are 1.5” in diameter, 3/16th of an inch thick (.15") and weigh 0.8oz (with coins).

Slider Clip w/Ball Marker - Just slide your custom clip on your hat or belt and snap on your custom ball marker to the magnet. Never lose your ball marker again! Both clip and marker can be customized with up to 4 colors.

Three Ball Sleeve White & Colored - Dress up your imprinted golf balls with our 3 Ball Sleeves! All balls come handsomely pre-packaged in pop up packaging, ready for your event or tournament. Imprinted golf balls are also available in bulk and in 18 different colors which are pictured below.

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