Custom Product News & Tips Vol 35
January 24, 2012
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LinksWalker Promotions, Suntime/LinksWalker and MPDirect will be hitting more than balls from Booth #3112 at the PGA show in Orlando, Jan. 26-28.

With our Custom, Collegiate and Military Golf accessories and beautiful line of watches and clocks, we have a little something for every occasion and budget. Our very creative in-house Art Department can take your custom logo and turn it into a “SOLD OUT” fundraiser, cherished tournament commemorative, exclusive pro shop offering, a “Sign Up for 12 lessons and get a custom golf towel or super ball marker” incentive and more. Call me for more ideas………I'm an idea machine. Also, if you send me your course or customer logo, I will have our Art Department work up a virtual comp at no charge for you. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Ordinary to Extraordinary design - Turn your ordinary ball marker into a Super Ball Marker ™ ! Our Super Ball Marker ™ features two removable, die-struck metal ball markers that are held on to the coin with a heavy-duty magnet. The coins sport a colored outer ring and are 1.5" in diameter, 4.5 mm thick and weigh 22.5 grams. The substantial size and weight make it an ideal quality gift any time of year. Call today and order yours now!

Did you know that we can even customize the back of the Clam Shell packaging for the Challenge Coin/Super Ball Marker to suit the occasion?

Super Ball Marker uses:
Commemorative Coin
Poker Card Guard
Years of Service Award
Golf Ball Marker
Sales Incentive
Challenge Coin
Fund Raiser

Help! … I Need Some Artwork

In the LinksWalker Promotions Art Department things aren’t always Strawberry Fields Forever. As licensors are constantly demanding to please, please help me, many times the art staff will have to work a Hard Day's Night, sometimes eight days a week.

No matter the challenge, the art staff feels, “We can work it out if we just come together and tell our egos to let it be. There is no need to twist and shout. It’s not like we all work on a Yellow Submarine, so why not get by with a little help from our friends?

All together now… LinksWalker Extra would like to recognize our Art Department for every little thing. We think they are getting better and it makes us feel glad all over.

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